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About Camp One Step

That’s precisely what you will hear from all campers, counselors, medical staff, volunteers, and other benefactors, who have experienced The Camp One Step programs, when asked at any time during the year about these fun filled programs.

“The outlook for a child with cancer and leukemia has dramatically improved over the past 25 to 30 years, and because so many children are, fortunately, surviving, these camps are needed.” Edward S. Baum, MD, founder of the Camp One Step programs.

The Camp One Step programs offer safe, normal fun to kids regardless of their need for medical treatment. The status of the child’s therapy does not influence eligibility for camp or participation in camp activities. Children may be undergoing therapy, completely off therapy or have no further therapy available. Health professionals are continuously on site to provide blood counts, chemotherapy or any other medical assistance that might be required.

The Camp One Step programs have physicians, nurses, medical technicians donating their time and energy on a voluntary basis. Some of them do participate as members of the care-giving team while many others simply act as primary cabin counselors. For all of them, camp provides a unique and a challenging opportunity where they can interact with the children socially, as friends and mentors as well as care-givers. Most volunteer health professionals are associated with the same hospital-based oncology programs where the campers are or have been patients.

“When you see the smiles on these kids’ faces, it’s wonderful . . .” The camps give them a chance to just be normal kids again and put their experiences as hospital patients behind for a while. . . . I still marvel at what some of them can do.” Diane Mesh, the summer camp Director stated. The Camp One Step programs are open to any child with cancer or leukemia between the ages birth – 19+ being treated in Illinois, Wisconsin, or northern Indiana. Children from other Midwest states may also participate, depending on availability of space.

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